Bees’ Knees

I have, as I’m sure do you all, a huge collection of patterns in books, magazines, pdfs, Ravelry favs all of which I would love to cast on.

I know I will never have the time, figure, relative or house to match the majority of the patterns but every so often a cast on opportunity arises that you just have to grab.

This happened to me this summer not once, but twice… Kate Davies’ Rams and Yowes and Mary Scott Huff’s Bees’ Knees.

Rams and Yowes for Bert’s knees and the Bees’ Knees for Wee Yvie with the added bonus to use one as practice (of steeking) for the other – happy happy days!

Yarn bought, Instagram (ettedram) told, plans made.

Heartbreakingly Bert passed away earlier this summer and my motivation to knit this lovely piece dimmed.

Disappointingly my choice of colours and yarn for Bees’ Knees wasn’t the best for the project.

I knitted a few wee things to get my motivation back…

… shopped local and went back to my first love – Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

I swatched, steeked, crochet reinforced and cut!!!!

Cast on propurr and picot edged

The piece is going to involve a significant amount of knit time as I timed myself this morning and I only managed 2 rows in 30 minutes!

I’m thinking I will bore you all (hahahah who am I kidding… all one of you… hahahaha) with a photo a day.

Oh and neither my mother nor wee Yvie’s parents are ever to know how much the yarn and clasps cost (not to mention my time)!

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