Kilt sock project 1

Lewis would like some Kilt socks to wear at his and Kat’s wedding in May 2016.

He asked me… I agreed.

I had knitted a pair before – didn’t get a pic so using the Ravelry one


but as Lewis also asked for some specific (and secret) design points I needed to look for a sock with a calf pattern.

Revelry pattern search took me to Anam Cara by Jennifer Leigh.

Aram Cara 2 Aram Cara 3 Aram Cara

Although these are in a heavier yarn than I would normally like to knit socks in, Lewis is very tall and slim – no rugby calves!

Pattern bought, downloaded and printed.

Next  – yarn choice/colour.

At a recent wedding all the kilt wearers had dark socks – not so good for showing off fancy cabling.

Discussion with Lewis and Kat agreed – off white for colour.  Yarn is up to me.

I have a plan… I would like to use local yarn.

I  am planning a visit here


IMG_5680 IMG_6727

Kat is from Belford, Lewis from Eyemouth, Whistlebare is in the middle (as the A1 flies).

I’ll keep you all updated…

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