Day 3001(feels like): only 6 days to go!


Friday 6th was Bandanas for Brain tumours day.

The charity is trying to raise awareness of how many under 40s are affected by brain tumours and what to look out for.

Obviously there needs to be more research, costing millions.

I wore my bandana all day Friday, can’t say I raised very much awareness as I was only at the orifice and Duns’ co-op! But the charity is on Facebook and so I’ll be liking and sharing…

And everyone also remember… wear sunscreen… no such thing as a healthy tan.

The jumper????? Coming along nicely.

I was enabled by the Man from Morebattle to knit most of yesterday, so…

Both sleeve ribs done and I’m whizzing down the main body.

I’m decreasing in a different order to the pattern – to keep it wider longer.

I’m increasing the length from oxter to rib #1 got enough yarn #2 won’t suit 5″ rib on the main tyre ;-).

Finally, beyond excited that it’s only 6 days to go to Edinburgh Yarn Festival… Will be wearing the batwing, oh yes!


Days 3, 4 & 5: progressing


The lovely adriafil wool cotton


At the point of joining for the body…

It is a lot of knitting… which I knew… double knitting, so not too bad… black… splitty, splitty yarn… drapy… surprisingly light… picks up every bl@$&y dog hair- aaarrrggg!

Writing this while waiting for a furniture delivery for the ‘spare’ room aka my knitting room to be. Very excited. Sideboard (I would never have though I would possess a sideboard, not to mention be excited about it) 2 bookcases (1 each – his n hers – world peace hinged on that decision) and a coffee table.  All ready assembled… hurrah!!!!!!!!

Also getting more excited about Edinburgh Yarn Festival, all the knitteratti I follow on instagram, Twitter, facebook and of course ravelry are dropping hints and giving sneaky peeks of what they will be selling or showcasing at the event – there will be so much to see!

Ok, back to the knitting and waiting… delivery slot 12 – 2pm

Day 2: So far, so good

Hello, last night after wasting an hour messing about trying to get this blog to appear on my ravelry page (unsuccessfully btw!) I cast on – hurrah!

I am not a big fan of reverse stocking stitch… I always think it looks like the person has put the top on inside out… which means I am going to alter my version of this pattern by having the knit side showing.

I am not very even when picking up stitches from crochet so I used woolly wormhead’s provisional cast on.

I am happy with my knitting so far – all 4 rows of it … onwards and upwards


Using my marvellous, fantastic, super useful Octo monkey tail

Day 1: Batwing sweater for Edinburgh Yarn Festival

 Hello, my obsession with knitting has reached a new level of madness in that I really felt the need to write a blog about a project.

As some of you may have noticed I lurk around on ravelry, instagram, Twitter and facebook (ettedram, ettedram,@Mardette, Mardette Liddle).

I like knitting. Doing it, reading about it, listening to talks about it, researching patterns, having dilemmas about ‘what yarn’, ‘who for’, ‘what colour’ etc, etc, etc.

I spend an awful lot of money on my obsession (and don’t care)… which brings me to this… I am going to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (both days) and noted some of you knitteratti chatting about crafting something specific to wear to the event.

Count me in, I thought.

Something for me!

Hours of perusing followed … you can guess how long if you look at my library on ravelry!

Pattern picked… yarn researched and chosen (colour – black)… New hiya hiya circulars purchased…

Just had to finish my Kaffe Afghan (and recover).

Tension square (s) done… WordPress joined… Bluetooth switched on phone and kindle… test pics posted… here we go

Provisional cast on