Day 3001(feels like): only 6 days to go!


Friday 6th was Bandanas for Brain tumours day.

The charity is trying to raise awareness of how many under 40s are affected by brain tumours and what to look out for.

Obviously there needs to be more research, costing millions.

I wore my bandana all day Friday, can’t say I raised very much awareness as I was only at the orifice and Duns’ co-op! But the charity is on Facebook and so I’ll be liking and sharing…

And everyone also remember… wear sunscreen… no such thing as a healthy tan.

The jumper????? Coming along nicely.

I was enabled by the Man from Morebattle to knit most of yesterday, so…

Both sleeve ribs done and I’m whizzing down the main body.

I’m decreasing in a different order to the pattern – to keep it wider longer.

I’m increasing the length from oxter to rib #1 got enough yarn #2 won’t suit 5″ rib on the main tyre ;-).

Finally, beyond excited that it’s only 6 days to go to Edinburgh Yarn Festival… Will be wearing the batwing, oh yes!


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