Days 3, 4 & 5: progressing


The lovely adriafil wool cotton


At the point of joining for the body…

It is a lot of knitting… which I knew… double knitting, so not too bad… black… splitty, splitty yarn… drapy… surprisingly light… picks up every bl@$&y dog hair- aaarrrggg!

Writing this while waiting for a furniture delivery for the ‘spare’ room aka my knitting room to be. Very excited. Sideboard (I would never have though I would possess a sideboard, not to mention be excited about it) 2 bookcases (1 each – his n hers – world peace hinged on that decision) and a coffee table.  All ready assembled… hurrah!!!!!!!!

Also getting more excited about Edinburgh Yarn Festival, all the knitteratti I follow on instagram, Twitter, facebook and of course ravelry are dropping hints and giving sneaky peeks of what they will be selling or showcasing at the event – there will be so much to see!

Ok, back to the knitting and waiting… delivery slot 12 – 2pm

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